As a frequent smartphone use affects our body and brain

For our body and brain naturally follow the cycle of sleep and wakefulness that makes us a day to feel full of energy and provides the rest of the night. The light from the devices has the same effect as the morning sun: causes the brain to stop melatonin production — the hormone that allows us to sleep soundly.

When we look in the screen of your smartphone in the dark, our brain takes it as fact that the day came and it is not time for sleep. While the body is tired and requires rest. And because of this contradiction it becomes more difficult to fall asleep and Wake up, but this is only one problem.

The website will tell you about how our favorite devices affect the body and brain.

The accumulation of toxins

During the day the body of accumulated neurotoxins, getting rid of which actively occurs during the long phase of sleep. Because of the violation of the production of melatonin and other hormones disrupted sleep cycles, so he is restless and intermittent. This leads to accumulation of toxins, and they, in turn, to headaches, fatigue, prealablement nervous system and stress.

Harder to learn

"I'll just check my feed — and immediately to sleep. What? Is it morning already?!" Probably many of us know this. Due to the fact that we are in the thrall of your smartphone, we sleep less. The less you sleep, the harder our brain to receive new information. This is not surprising, he's just overwhelmed and has no time to assimilate what we are trying to learn during the day.

Impaired memory

Not to mention the new information, it becomes harder and harder to remember the old. It looks like a wardrobe with clothes: when there is a mess, it becomes difficult to find the needed thing and we have to spend a lot of time and effort.


Violation of the production of melatonin, sleep cycles and reduction of rest entail disruption of the functioning of our internal organs. For example, intestines and stomach. Due to the fact that the body is tired but brain is awake, it sends a signal about the need for more energy. We feel the need to eat something, although this should not be. This can lead to big problems with digestion.

Blurred vision

Mom always said don't watch TV with the lights off. Was largely right. Blue light from your TV, tablet or your smartphone affects the retina and causes damage. Especially hard in the dark. If this offended not only the structure of the eye and optic nerve. Hence the phrase: "Oh, my eyes are tired".

Work with the gadgets it is advisable to stop at least 2 hours before bedtime. This time is usually enough to ensure that our brain realized that it's night and time to prepare for a quality and healthy sleep.

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