15 reasons to love the coming coldness

Each season great. But perhaps none compare to the magic and the beauty of the coming winter.

The authors of the Website rejoice the approaching snow days and already got out of the closets skates and slides. Here are the reasons why we always look forward to a fabulous winter.

In the winter it is so nice to pour yourself a hot cocoa and spend the day relaxing, reading your favourite books

Happiness in winter is a portion of roast after a walk on a snowy street

The day under a warm blanket with movies and snacks — mandatory winter

At this time of the year all for a couple of hours turns into a tale

And it is impossible not to remember my childhood, when I look at the swirling snowflakes

What could be better than riding a rollercoaster at ledyanka?

Or the conquest of the rink with the whole family?

In winter, close friends become even closer

And talk over a glass of mulled wine — even warmer

And I want a child to believe that everything is possible

And yet winter is the time cozy knitted scarves

And warm sweaters, and wool socks

But perhaps most importantly is crouching on tiptoe New year

And wait for quiet and kind of a miracle

Which is bound to happen. This winter...

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