I did the bar for 30 days, and here is the result

Every athletic exercise brings our body good. But there are among them those that have a positive effect in several directions.

The website is divided into 30-day program that will benefit your health.

The challenge is how to perform 1 exercise per day for a certain amount of time from 20 seconds to 1 day to 5 minutes in 30-th day.

Journalist Leah Winhoek decided to test the effectiveness of this program. Leah is a lively person, so she thought that will easily cope with the test. "I was too confident. When I was in the correct position, my heart trembled, and I with impatience began to wait for the timer on your phone close to zero", — said the journalist.

"I have become tougher. I didn't realize it until last week, when to hold the bar much easier than a week ago. The final result pleased me very much".

But it was not the only change."I felt that took all the tension that had accumulated from sitting at the table. I was surprised at this effect after such a short period", — the journalist told.

Lia Winhoek makes the bar at work.

If you do this exercise daily, you will experience the following effects:

  • You will get stronger.
  • You will improve your posture.
  • This will stimulate your metabolism.
  • You will work on several muscle groups.
  • This will help prevent injury.
If you decide to adopt this program, it is important to pay attention to a few points:

  • To avoid injury, you need to keep your posture. This is very important.
  • Just because it's an isometric exercise, you should not think that it is too simple and you nothing risk.
  • People who are overweight or heart problems or back should consult with a doctor before starting complex.
If you are skilled enough you can try to combine with other exercises that you can find in this article.

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