Instead of the usual party the bachelor party has turned into the sweetest in the world event

Mitchell Craddock (Craddock Mitchel), together with a group of old friends planned to spend a few days in a cabin in the woods to celebrate his bachelor party. There was a noisy party, but instead the first morning, when the men were preparing Breakfast, they got on the doorstep was this lovely very hungry guest.

The dog looked emaciated. Men fed her and given to drink. Seeing that her milk is flowing, they realized that the dog recently had puppies and they must be around here somewhere. The dog never crossed the threshold of the house, and really took the guys into the forest to the pit, in which were hidden the seven puppies.

"Every puppy we brought to their mother so that they sniffed. So she checked that everything was in place and looked at the man before her eyes, saying that now she trusts him completely," — said Craddock.

The men took the puppies into the house, where he washed them from fleas and dirt. In the end, the entire stock of money on beer for a bachelor party went to feed and care for the animals. And at the end of his holiday, the men just could not take the kids and mom to his home: each one sheltered puppy.

Now dogs live within a 5 mile radius from each other and meet regularly at the joint walks.

The "culprit" this party Mitchell Craddock recently combined bonds of marriage with his beloved — Christine, who was very delighted to see the puppy. Ironically, when Craddock made a proposal to the girl, he gave her chocolate Labrador. Now they joke that from now on every big event Mitchell will give her a dog.

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