Sunk: the world is on the verge of a boom of electric cars

In China, America and Europe is coming boom in electric vehicles. Infrastructure for charging is developing rapidly, and automobile manufacturers are developing new models for every taste. Listed below are only a small fraction of the many signs of the impending "leading market for the electric".


The biggest demand in China

The largest electric car market in the year 2015, surpassing the US, China. In 2016, sales again increased more than two times. Moreover, the leaders are not foreign, and numerous local manufacturers offering a growing selection of budget models. Chinese drivers are very passionate about new technology, and the state supports them: it wants to reduce pollution in Metropolitan areas.

Google is preparing to become avtostroiteley

And global auto industry and IT company seriously took up the topic of Autonomous driving. One of the pioneers in this field — Google. First, the U.S. Internet giant was experimenting with a Japanese model Toyota Prius — the world's first production car with a hybrid engine. And by the end of 2014 presented its own electric car without steering wheel and pedals. And continues to experiment.

BMW is counting on wealthy Chinese

In the premium segment in the struggle for affluent Chinese motorists joined the German company BMW. In the spring of 2016 was presented at the motor show in Beijing — in addition to the new compact BMW i3 with electric motor sport hybrid BMW i8, standing in Germany 130-145 thousand euros. In the early years of the Bavarian avtostroitel declared strategic shift towards electromobility.

Elon Musk and his Tesla

While in the premium class the world's most popular electric car — sold 2012 Model Amerikanskoi company Tesla Motors. It is headed by a charismatic billionaire Elon Musk, obsessed with the idea of electromobility. In 2017, California plant, Tesla needs to start serial production of the electric car of the middle class. Model 3 will cost 35 thousand dollars. It has received 400 thousand orders.

Volkswagen promises 30 new models

Radical strategic reversal made in 2016 the largest avtostroitel Europe Volkswagen. Until 2025 it will develop 30 models of electric vehicles and hybrids. Fundamentally the new platform for vehicles with electric motor I. D. ready. Production on its basis will start by 2020. The analogue of the VW Golf will be able to travel without recharging up to 600 kilometers and will cost as much as petrol model.

Autonomous driving from Nissan

It's possible that Google and Apple in the end will prefer to focus on the development of software for Autonomous driving — and the science will give to those who been at it for over a hundred years. For example, the French-Japanese group Renault-Nissan. Its head, Carlos Ghosn at the beginning of 2016 showed the development of his company in California's Silicon valley.

Store lures, free of charge

"Charge the sun" offer free electric charging stations, which now sets up in Parking lots of its supermarkets, a leading German discounter Aldi. Marketing calculation is obvious: while the electric vehicle is recharged, the owner purchased. And the electricity goes directly from the roof of the store, where the retailer has installed solar panels.

Market share in Norway to about one third

A world leader in the field of electromobility - Norway. Thanks to a large-scale program of state support here for 28 percent of registered new passenger cars have pure electric or hybrid engine. This quick-charging station in the city of moss connected the Japanese model the Nissan Leaf - in 2010 the world's best selling electric vehicle. published




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