Solar panels for Saratov SES will be made in Russia

Saratov panels for solar power will be produced in Russia. This information was announced at the last exhibition of import-substituting products within the framework of the session of Council under Plenipotentiary representative of Russian President in Volga Federal district.

The representative of the company "Helios-Resource" Yuri Bystrov said that the construction of solar power plants the company is the main supplier for "Avelar solar technology".

"Helios-Resource" is the only company in Russia which produces multicrystalline silicon wafer. Our panels are grown on modern high-productivity technology of directional solidification, which provides efficiency around 17%. Our panels were used in the construction of solar power plants, as Karagajsky SES in the Republic of Altai, Perevolotskaya SES, and will be used in the construction of other solar power plants," – said Bystrov.

Plant "Helios-Resource" works with 2010. With two sites in the Moscow region (Mytishchi) and in Mordovia.

"The capacity of 80 MW per year, but due to the fact that we are the Republic of Mordovia provided the site and infrastructure, we are implementing the expansion project. We plan by 2017 to reach the target of 130 MW per year", – said the head of "Helios-Resource".

The construction of the first solar power plant in the Saratov region began in August in the Pugachev district. Also, stations will be built in Arsovska and Novosilskom areas. The total capacity will be 45 MW. The volume of investments – RUB 4.5 billion.

Agreement on mutual cooperation in the field of solar energy development in the Saratov region between the regional government, "Avelar solar technology" and "Hevel" was signed in 2014 in St. Petersburg.

"It is gratifying that the implementation of such a significant project for the Saratov energy comes with the participation of Russian manufacturers. Today, the localization of components production is one of the priority areas. I also note that the construction of the power plant will involve local contractors and specialists", – said the Minister of industry and energy of the region Maxim of Shigalov.





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