Tony Robbins: Change your expectations for appreciation and your world will instantly change

Anthony Robbins is a recognized authority in the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational changes. This is a man who realizes all your best qualities and overcome all the restrictions — from the poverty in which he grew up, ending with a tumor in the brain associated with uncontrolled growth hormone, because of which he grew so large.


Best-selling author, an incredible life coach, a terrific speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and catalyst for change. Tony lives by the highest values and daily changes the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. He advises leaders, presidents, professional athletes and famous actors.


50 quotesfrom Tony Robbins:

You came what you already have.

That makes us slaves — ideals. What makes us free is values.

Passion is uncertainty.

Feminine energy goes when the body tenses up. She goes back to the time of the state change from restraint to openness.

Suffering is not the facts. Suffering in the interpretation of the facts. We ourselves give meaning to events.

We don't need to change. We just need to find the part of us that is already happy and successful and to train it to appear as often as possible.

We can't control events but we can influence them.

When you suffer, you are obsessed only with themselves.

The most important decision you can make is life in excellent condition.

Problems and happiness have no relationship.

The most mistaken idea to think that you should not have any problems.

Change your expectations for appreciation and your world will instantly change.

The planet is my Playground. Love is my legacy.

When you are angry for more than 30 seconds, the remnants of this emotion remain in the body for another 5 hours.

Slay the dragon (problem), yet it is small and pretty, otherwise he will turn into Godzilla and destroy your city.

You can't improve something until you admit that something is not working.

Never measure yourself by other people's successes. Measure your success its potential and abilities. Measure yourself by the achievements of others will lower your expectations of yourself.

Men take responsibility for the status of women (positive or negative).

Most people — castigatory, but not the recipients pleasure.

How is it rare when a person not only wants, but also willing to do everything possible so that he had it.

The scale and content of character is determined by the scale and power of the antihero.

When you punish your partner, you ruin relationships.

We can fight the darkness or we can turn on the light.

What if enjoying life was for you top achievements?

Everything you say after "I ___________" sooner or later it becomes you.

I created Tony Robbins. It appeared from nowhere.

We suffer when we fight with reality.

You can't bless others if we don't feel blessed.

Every thought you think and every decision you make comes from your beliefs and values.

Values are emotional States that we either want to increase or to avoid.

Values that drive your decisions. Decisions shape destiny.

Most of our values unconsciously.

Direction = destination.

Your individual suffering grows like compound interest. You can't suffer without in order to hurt others.

Personality is not developed when everything is going well. It is formed in times of difficulty.

Spiritual strength comes from spiritual pain.

Any pain can become a source of strength, if you can find a way to grow through it.

We are rewarded in public for what we day by day doing alone.

It's hard to love yourself if you don't know yourself.

The female energy of the open heart. Turn only your head and get into masculine energy.

Desire is energy.

To realize its vision, it should be "about you".

Requirements in a relationship is a burden. It destroys passion.

3 main things that destroy a man in a relationship: 1) criticism, 2) control, 3) the closeness of

3 things that destroy a woman in a relationship: 1) a misunderstanding, 2) ignore, 3) the vulnerability

3 dimensions of love: 1) my desires/needs of primary, 2) your and my desires/needs are equally important, 3) your desires/needs = my desires/needs

The content of each other's needs creates a circulation of energy in the relationship.

The decision taken out of fear (unless it is connected with threat to life) is always the wrong decision.

Relationships provide us the most important spiritual lessons in life. We must learn to give and to love unconditionally.

Do what you did in the beginning of your relationship, and they will never end.


Biochemistry transformation:

Satisfaction/насыщениеНедовольствоЭмоциональный poregnant institutrice: approval of your true self

And a few questions/recommendations from Tony:

1. What is the most significant event influenced the formation of your personality? It's a good story or bad? Is it possible to rewrite the good that this event gave you the strength, instead took them?

2. Write two letters to two most important people in your life. Tell us about your dedication to your dream.

3. Remember that in your life did you? So you did it? Surely, you focused on success, not on fear. Make it for your new purposes.

What quote resonated for you and what is inspired action?published





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