Circuit training for problem areas

Training plan

Perform complex three times a week (but not day after day).

Make one approach at 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise, without resting in between.

Repeat once if you are in fitness as a rookie, or twice if for a long time and exercise regularly.

You will need:

• a medicine ball weighing 3-4 kg
• a pair of dumbbells weighing 2.5–4 kg
• bodybar weighing 4.5–6 kg
• fitball
• balancing platform Bosu


New workout, developed by fitness team California Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, will require you serious effort, but it will teach your muscles to work "on autopilot". No rest between sets! During this strength training you will burn as many calories (about 250 per half hour), and cardio medium intensity. Mobilize all your internal resources!

1. Twisting reverse lunge

Work the muscles of the legs, buttocks and biceps.

Take bodybar and stand, holding it in front of the thighs: hands and feet —shoulder width apart, palms facing forward.

Make a lunge back with your left foot, twisting the shell to the shoulders.

Stand up, bending left knee and placing her back on and lower bodybar.

Repeat. In the middle of the approach, change legs.


2. Jump, squat, lift

Work the muscles of the legs, buttocks and shoulders.

Take medicine balls and your feet at shoulder width. Hold the ball at chest level, elbows bend and point to the side.

Sit down, then jump up, lifting medicine balls above the head. Landing, again, lower it to chest height, then move the left foot to the side.

Again set it to the right and repeat the movement.

In the middle of the approach, change legs — start keep the right.

TIP! Doing exercises, always follow the technology. If you don't observe it, despite all your efforts, the result of the lessons, unfortunately, will be zero.

3. Straightening arms with dumbbells

Work your triceps, the muscles of the hips.

Take in each hand dumbbells and stand in front of the fitball, hands — at the seams.

Place left lower leg on an exercise ball, slightly bend your right knee.

Lean forward and pull the dumbbells to your sides by bending your elbows, palms — each other. Straighten your arms back, bend your elbows.

Repeat. In the middle of the approach, change legs.

4. A number, lift and bench press

Work the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Take in each hand dumbbells and hold them in front of hips, hands to yourself, feet on width of shoulders.

Lift the arms, bending them at the elbows at a right angle and directing the forearm down.

Expand your forearms up so that the palm looked forward, and then do bench press, pushing the dumbbells over your head.

Make the whole chain of movements in the reverse sequence to return to starting position and repeat.


5. Lateral twisting

Working the abdominal muscles, shoulders, buttocks.

Lie on your right side fitball, legs, pull (push them into the wall, if necessary), raise left leg to hip level.

Place your right hand on the ball, to the left, take a dumbbell and raise above head, palm facing forward. Bring your left elbow to your hip, lifting your left leg by 5 cm, and tilt your hip to the left shoulder.

Return to starting position and repeat.

Do the exercise in the other direction to complete the approach.


6. Cobra

Work the back muscles.

Lie down on the fitball face down so that the pelvis was on the ball. Legs pull, feet apart at shoulder width (push them into the wall if necessary).

Lift the chest so that body from head to toe was a line, hands palms down pull ahead.

Raise your chest, at the same time in an arc removing his hands down to the sides.

Return to starting position and repeat.

7. A push-up with offset

Muscles work your chest, shoulders, triceps and muscles-stabilizers.

Putting his hands on the Bosu platform, take the plank position, raise your right leg up to the height of the pelvis.

Move your left hand on the floor to the left of the platform and bend your elbows, lowering your chest to the floor.

Press, then return to original position (both hands on the Bosu platform).

Repeat, this time shifting to the right. In the middle of the approach, change legs.


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8. Twisting with one foot in the

Work of muscle-stabilizers.

Take medicine balls and lie on your back, placing the ball behind the head. Left leg bent, foot on the floor, pull up right at a 45° angle.

Sit up, reaching your hands to the right ankle. Do 10 partial forward bends, down in Exodus Noah position.

Change the position of the feet. Then, raising his left, do another 10 tilts, completing the approach.published




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