Eco-friendly Bicycle with a bamboo frame

Bike ride is a great and environmentally friendly way to get to work. However, it is now possible to go further, to ride the bike with environmentally friendly bamboo frame.

Bike designed and engineered by a Romanian company Craft Bicycle Company whose mission is:

"Change every aspect of Cycling using only high-quality products and environmentally friendly materials."

What makes this bike unique?

First, each bike is hand-built to your specific requirements, which include perfectly matched the frame size for your height.

Durable frame made of bamboo is high quality bike. It is easy to believe the manufacturer about what each bike is 80 hours working time.

Another unique aspect of this bike is its appearance. I would describe it as... part retro, part of saskanoti.

Is bamboo a suitable material for making bike frames?

Yes, absolutely.

Bamboo has a light weight, like carbon fibre, but durable as steel. Also, it grows only straight — making it ideal for bike frames.

You may not know this, but bamboo is a natural shock absorber. When using the bike it gives a super-smooth ride.

How can I get one of these bikes?

Craft Bicycle Company also offers accessories and bikes through their page on the Crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

To give You an idea of prices, bamboo handlebars are indicated in 60 € + shipping, and the price for the complete bike starts from 980 € + shipping.published




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