Bali built eco-friendly Villa made of natural materials

One of the famous tourist resort island of Bali rose eco-Villa, which was built by Michael Huffman. The feature of the fork is that it was built exclusively from natural materials, which were collected in a 50 mile radius of the construction site.
Huffman in some way disrupts the tradition of creating energy efficient buildings that generally require a pretty serious effort for their content.

Ninety two million nine hundred six thousand five hundred ninety eight

The roof of the eco-friendly Villa made of metal mesh, which is made by hand from old wire secured to a bamboo framework and covered with a thin layer of cement is pure rationalization, as for the construction of the roof took less cement than usual, and the roof itself went pretty easy. The bamboo used for the load-bearing columns, walls and furniture.

Thirty three million nine hundred thirty two thousand eighty six

Huffman built his Villa following local laws — "Tri Hitа Cagape", which means "not to harm each other, the Earth or God." In addition to compliance with these rules, his goal was to make a sanctuary from the outside world, which combines the closeness to nature and modern design.

Sixty two million six hundred twenty six thousand three hundred ninety

Experts have already called eco-Villa Michael Huffman one of the most unique places in Bali and the best example of green construction.

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