What determines our Life Force

A robust or a weak person? What determines the fullness of the life force?

How easy it is to do what you like, what inspires, leads, encourages, pulls, beckons and draws! And how difficult it is to do what is necessary, but not desirable. Dancing through life in the creation of unique creative energy, manifesting itself in spontaneous force, the person develops the skill to listen to yourself. Realizing their real desires and needs, it accumulates the positive experience of success. When you repeatedly listen to yourself, looms road to the embodiment of the true purpose. I didn't have to force yourself to get out of bed and somewhere to go: my legs fly over the ground. How to learn to listen to yourself and your response?

The body itself operates, breathes and moves, we don't need to monitor our heart rate, hormone production or pressure vessels. We need to listen to the hunger, or the sensation of cold. Similarly, you can learn to listen to your body in their desires. We want to sleep and need to get to work or school, to a meeting or the gym, and have to use willpower to get up and rush. How useful is the experience that we get, performing actions under duress? Will this effective training, meeting, lecture? Of course not.

Living life in negative energy and unpleasant emotions, we poison your body. Disease, trauma, depression — all this can be avoided by learning to listen to yourself.

Want to sleep — sleep! And filled with healthy energy sleep, all the things we want to do! It is not a secret that a common cause of colds is chronic fatigue. The body is exhausting and falls to the ground, knowing that the only way he will be allowed long-awaited vacation. Instead of another hospital and a week ORVI with temperature it would be better to allow yourself one day of rest. As is known, the disease is easier to prevent than to treat.

Hungry — eat! Have you noticed how sometimes you want to stress-eating — not from a desire to be sated, and from a desire to settle down. Making a daily undesired operation, the person is at the wrong time and wrong place, getting a negative experience, seizing his next roll and gaining weight. Or lighting a cigarette, drinking another Cup of coffee...

In General, who as learned to cope with blows of fate. Fate and attempt to get you back on your way. This bad boss is not for you, for someone it could be the best Manager in the world...

Find time to spend with yourself and listen to your own life force. published


Author: Elena Bugaeva


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