Fish of mass destruction! The truth about Norwegian farmed salmon.

How a fat red fish. And for the brain good for the skin, fatty acids to the body is extremely important... But it should be noted that only a quality product will enhance health.

Norwegian salmon, to the dismay of consumers, does not claim to be high quality and safe product. It's not fish, it's a real fusion of toxins!

Production rabeprazole journalists set off on a journey, ist Norway to Vietnam, removing the tape on the production of salmon. Few frames, and you don't want to eat a delicacy ever! But many specially save, saving up money to buy a red fish for children: it's so useful...

Fishing in Norway, brings $ 4 billion a year and ranks second after oil in terms of profitability. Grand business! Of course, manufacturers of fish disadvantageous to the buyers knew the truth about what this product contains huge amount of toxic chemicals and can rightfully be called the most toxic food in the world. The information found out by the journalists, was the cause of the present scandal.

On a small Norwegian farm can grow up to 2 million specimens of fish at a time, all for the sake of money. Of course, a countless number of fish in a confined space constantly sick.

Now there is a real epidemic: the fish there is necrosis of the pancreas and infectious anemia. To save as many fish from the infection, water is poured in a special pesticidethat makes the meat toxic.

Also, the fish start fish louse: a parasite, killing it quickly. To save that precious commodity, farmers are not averse to apply pesticides. But they remain in the product that eat living people! Walk over the farm in masks, and then sell this poison without a twinge of conscience.

"50% of fry of cod and salmon farms are born with a mutation. They can't close my mouth. This gene mutation to disappear, in the sea must have 8 generations. Man, if I see a fish, there are not want it, but if you cut off the fish's head, nobody will notice..."

How dangerous red fish, you can understand after watching just a few minutes this shocking film. I'm terrified...

Eating toxic fish, we risk their health. Salmon accumulated harmful substances can cause serious poisoning and malfunction of the internal organs!

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The author

Alexander Klimchuk Since childhood, interested in medicine, grew up in a family of doctors. Knows how to make a fancy Breakfast out of nothing, is not afraid to experiment in the kitchen, making pies without flour, low-fat mayonnaise, healthy sweets. Never give up and believes that people are created to help each other! In all its domestic Affairs the assistant to the son Sasha. Alexandra's favorite book — "the Art of loving" by E. Fromm.


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