The link between cell phones and health problems in children

All probably already have heard about the possible link between mobile phone use and cancer. Researchers from Baltimore stated that there was strong evidence of this, and to a greater extent at risk children.

Scientists have established a link cell phones with the emergence of health problems in children. That's why experts warn about the danger of parents and especially expectant mothers.

Cell phones have become part of everyday life, are cause for concern among researchers who view them as a risk factor for health, especially for infants and children.


"There are a lot of conclusive evidence: cell phones do cause brain cancer," says scientist Dr. Debras Davis.

According to the scientist, the brain of a child absorbs twice the radiation than the adult human brain.

Doctors and scientists have discussed this issue at a conference on Pediatrics in Baltimore. The panelists also spoke about the relationship between exposure to cell phone radiation and other health problems.

"There is a relationship between mobile phone use during pregnancy and behavioral problems in children," said Dr. Hugh Taylor of Yale school of medicine.

The doctors say that a baby's brain — even in the womb — is particularly vulnerable.

"Keep your phone away from the abdomen, especially in late pregnancy," advises Dr. Davis.

According to experts, if you keep the phone away from your body even a few inches, it helps to reduce the risk. They recommend to use headphones and put the phone down, when not in use, as far as humanly possible.

"Thus, we obtain a triple, quadruple threat of the biological and psychological impact and influence brain waves," — said pediatric neurologist Dr. Martha Herbert.


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What we didn't know about radiation


In the world of high technologies it is not always possible to avoid negative consequences.

Some researchers believe that the US is lagging behind other countries in terms of radiation research and prevention of related diseases.published


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