Trick yourself stronger: the Most dangerous thing we can do

The most dangerous thing we can do is to cheat. Themselves. When we deceive someone — not so bad. After all, we all know why and for what we deceive. But with myself is much more difficult. Will have to face the consequences. And the consequences of self-deception, often, very painful.

Self-deception is the belief in something that is actually wrong for us. For example, I truly believe that I love carrots, because it is so useful. In fact, she's quite tasty and disgusted. I eat it and feel all the pains. Mice cried and were pricked, but continued to chew cactus.

Self-delusion is beneficial to entertain the idea that control over my life. You believe in something. It seems to have come true. Like. After all control is illusory. After a time, "spoons there" and the truth will speak out.

Self — deception is a nasty thing because against her you can only be yourself. Any arguments from the outside will be rejected and devalued. And faith in a dream can only become stronger. "Pete, do you drink beer every day, it is like alcoholism! — Nonsense, I can at any time to quit."

To expose himself in self-deception can only be man himself. Courage.

The courage to admit that control over life, over himself, he is limited. Before some of the things he Oh how powerless...

And to believe in the truth. For example, to defend the thesis is not to find the meaning of life. To withdraw from a situation does not mean to stop thinking and live in it. Break relations — not to complete them. Plastic surgery — does not mean to feel beautiful. To say "hate" does not mean to stop loving...

When it is possible to admit the real truth, opens up new levels of the game that were previously locked. After all, castle in the air becomes very real house, with real doors, Windows, pipe and Primus on the table. Maybe not as attractive cabin, but very real. You which tea is tastier to drink, invented or real?..

Rated the truth about yourself is already possible to do something. This is the type of control or influence that we can have. The illusion will not work — it is only a vision, no taste, color, and incarnation. You can only stand still and watch her. Not moving. And stomach still empty. And the body — shiver from the cold.


Vyacheslav Gusev: Any problems, including diseases are just folded wingsWe are governed by parasites. Literally

Whereas in a real hut is warm, cozy and a Primus.

His loyalty truly valuable quality, which we often weaned in childhood. Why? Well, because you're a real (pimply and three in mathematics) can be not pretty and not convenient for parents (this is our son, we should be proud of!), and then — and himself.

Embarrassing and humiliating to live in such a decrepit hut, when the spacecraft have long travel through the universe, and a friend Misha's apartment in Spain... to be Friends with you like this, "isbusan", no one will! Urgently lie to yourself and say it's a lock just yet for repairs.

Unfortunately, self-deception protects for a while.

"The king is naked!" — there will always be those who will notice the truth.

Better to do it first.published

Author: Elena Mitina




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