Circling undereducated life lessons

When I hear arguments about "originality and uniqueness of each person", about the incredible diversity of ways, deep differences, on individuality and other exclusivity in the lives of human beings, trying to understand where something went wrong, and why from such a sort of uniqueness in the space constantly come across the same stories.

Yes, the fingerprints, DNA and a set of little applicability in real life the average person settings, really unique and different, but look closely at the world around, the history is not repeated? Is not all life has the same cycle? Is once created should not be destroyed one day?

Do not fall equally children of all nationalities, when we learn to walk, isn't that the same cry when they feel pain, fear, or resentment? Perhaps lovers of the world do not behave in a similar way? Isn't that one of the algorithms people are building families, cities and businesses? The details differ, but the essence is — in the evolution of one person or a large community of people there are General stages that you must pass to each of us to adapt to life in this world.

Can we solve complex examples, if you do not know the basic laws on which is based one or another science? No, you can't. If you have not learned to add, subtract, divide, and multiply, it will be difficult to understand the abundance of numbers and symbols in the mathematical Sciences. If you do not teach formulas, not investigated the laws of interaction of physical bodies and objects, if not watched the changes of aggregate States of various substances, we will not be able neither to understand nor to explain most examples of the courses of physics and chemistry, if not mastered reading and writing, it is unlikely to be able to beautifully Express their thoughts.

So when you receive the same freedom to improvise when the opportunity comes to create something unique? I think when he perfectly captured the essential base. Communication in a foreign language brings joy, if we have the necessary vocabulary and knowledge of grammatical rules, but if language was given to us in the learning process, where we take the positive emotions while chatting on it?

I think the true uniqueness of the human person and build it the way begins to manifest itself immediately, but only after passed the basic lessons.

Yes, a newborn baby is adorable and, of course, is the one and only for their parents, but if you do not engage in his upbringing, this uniqueness will not find common ground with other members of our society.

If you do not teach children to speak, read and write, if not to help him develop the necessary for living among other people's character unless you give the basics of "safety" of life on our planet, it just won't be able to interact with other representatives of their species.

Yes, uniqueness, but this "uniqueness" is considered more of underdevelopment than a cause for pride and happiness. Without the base it is very difficult to improvise. Give the man never held a guitar or a flute to play these instruments and see the beautiful will seem that the sound production? Real masterpieces among the books, films, paintings, musical compositions and other creations (and minds) of human are usually found where there is a well-designed database.

It seems that with everyday life things in a similar way. As long as you have not completed the basic lessons, it is difficult to say that the man is some kind of unique way. You can not touch the sphere of human relations, it is possible to go head first into creativity, in science or art, but does this mean that a person will live an extraordinary life and leaves this world with a sense of achieving your full potential?

Undoubtedly, from time to time on the Earth embodied geniuses that come only in order to concentrate on narrow task and leave behind a large number of prompts to help humanity in development, but a unit of people, it is not necessary for everyone to strive to become such.

But here's what you should think about is that most of the people goes in a circle undereducated basic lessons, go and go, go and go, and twist the same record "people are unique, I am unique, my path is unique and different, I'm not like everyone else". Yeah. Not so at all. If you want to dispel illusions about the uniqueness of human ways, start to work with people, learn about their life stories in my head all at once will fall into place from that experience.

"Human development is a continuous process, starting from the moment of conception until death. This process is consistent in the sense that one stage helps the formation of a subsequent stage. Any development which cannot be resolved at the appropriate age, is taken as “extra baggage” in the next stage of development. If too many tasks remain unresolved in the proper sequence, the development process becomes overloaded and broken." (From the book "Liberation from the traps of codependency," the authors berry Withold, Janae Weinhold).


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Here it seems that too much of this without disassembling early in life and carry people, so much that neither love, nor to sing nor to dance, nor to create, nor to observe the splendor of life they can not. And we need to understand! You make out your Luggage and it will be clearer what you got with uniqueness and originality. Who knows what surprises are in store for you life. Not to try to "not be like everyone else", you need to try my best to be myself, to share with the world those gifts which each person was endowed with at birth. published


Author: Dean Richards





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