Reboot: learn quickly to solve problems

When the head is a mess, thought fit one another, really does not work to focus on any of them, it seems that you are forever mired in their problems and questions.

In this case it is useful to do a reboot and get rid of the excess garbage in your head. Here are a few steps that will help to free from the heap of unresolved problems your brain, if he suddenly "stalled":

1. Pull it out

One of the best ways of liberation from psychological disorder. Sit down at the computer, grab a notebook, sheet of paper or start to keep it down a little with the stylus directly on the PDA's screen. Write down everything, regardless of if you think it's silly or petty – write everything that comes to mind.

Don't worry about spelling, grammar or something else. Let your thoughts and feelings to flow himself until the tip of the pen or the keyboard. Don't stop until there is nothing to write about.

In the process of presenting their thoughts can go on a "hard" expression (many assists). Most importantly, do not judge, do not criticize and stop judging from what you write and how chuvstvuetsya.

In the end, this outpouring you will feel lighter and calmer. The head will be much clearer and will help you deal with all the problems.

2. Identify things that are bothering you

A little bit again, write it up. Try to make a list of things or issues that you have and just a little concerned. It can be anything: problems at work or in bed, upcoming holidays, business glyuchaschie computer, health, parents, wife, younger sister's hamster, which stinks so that your mind can go, etc.

Fix everything that is even slightly annoying or a bother – nothing here is superfluous and shallow. By the way, do not be surprised that all these "pleasures of life" will be more than you initially thought.

As an intermediate result, all the "enemy" you will know in person, and your brain will become much easier to concentrate in the fight with them.

3. Designing solutions to problems

There are always the days events or a specific time that is optimal for the solution of certain questions.

Next to each item in the list of sources of concern write, what needs to happen so you can solve this problem and when do you plan to solve it. And whether or not it actually solve? It might easier to just score and forget?

4. Reload

Yes, normal reboot. How to make and where to find your Reset? Yes, just arrange a session of silence. Rest. You can practice meditation or to be alone with the silence.

5. Kill the problem

Take the already prepared list of problems and start solving them one after another, striking each solved. The order is not important. Go through the list as you like, even the method of "scientific spear."

After solving the problem, take a break to realize made to analyse how good you dealt with it. And, of course, to congratulate ourselves on the fact that for one problem became less.


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