Psycho-educational workshop for parents. Part 6

"Mom, you're not convincing me!"


Even in Ancient Rome, was noticed the paradox of collegiality: "Every Senator is a good man, and together, the Senate is an evil beast".

They say that the whole is not reducible to the sum of its parts, the whole is generally not composed of its parts.

  • The water in the vessel is made up of drops, but not drops.
  • Lavender oil is a compound of juice of flowers of lilac; each of them gently smell, and if smell liquid "lilac oil", it is possible even to recoil, so unpleasant that smell.
  • Alone a migratory bird never overcome such a distance, like a migratory flock.

Yes, integer is the sum. But the amount is not the individual parts and their properties, that is sometimes not even properties, and their relations to other objects. Coming together, part dramatically change the pattern of their previous relationships, in addition, there is a new pattern of mutual influence on each other.

This pattern I took into account when combining individual and group forms of work in the educational process.

Mother 15-the summer schoolgirl, the teacher-scholar, told me about the problems of mutual misunderstanding in relations with the daughter typical for that age. In detail she gave all the details of their last conversation, not crowned with success, and asked me to talk to the girl. My answer was: "first, I did not have a positive trusting relationship with Your daughter, so I can't be with her to be completely sincere; second, I would have brought the same arguments as You. Therefore, we will do this: I will collect on educational hour, all the girls of the three ninth-grade and discuss with them a number of topical issues, including Yours. Sure she will be interested not just my opinion, but other girls, especially the ones that are authoritative for her." So we decided the.

The General meeting went well. We had a candid, friendly conversation. It was interesting to all present, because the issues involved were of concern for many. Our trust is also actively involved in the discussion of different life situations; but when we began to analyze similar to her problem, she immediately quieted down and began to observe the reaction of others. Naturally, we came to common opinion, the same opinion of her mother. But now she reacted to it calmly.


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In the future, the mother said the daughter's behavior tended to be greater understanding and reduced levels of youthful nihilism.

Still a team – a great power!published


Author: Lyudmyla Andrievska


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