Apple's solar farm will provide energy to 12,500 homes

Apple built in Arizona the largest solar power farm with capacity of 50 MW. Received at the station, the electricity Corporation will sell a local utility company. Thus Apple is planning to send to the grid as much energy as it consumes your data center in Mesa and other buildings.

Solar power Bonnybrooke area of 300 acres is located in Florence, Arizona. It has a capacity of 50 MW and produces 151 million kWh annually. The cost of electricity is not reported, but similar projects one kWh costs 5.3 cents. On a Sunny day, the energy farm could produce enough electricity to provide 12,500 homes.

Buy energy from the Apple would be the local utility company Salt River Power (SRP). The contract for the purchase of electricity at the market price will be valid for 25 years.

Recall that in June, Apple opened a subsidiary company Apple Energy LLC (LLC Apple Energy). In August, the organization received official authorization of the Federal energy regulatory Commission, US (FERC) for the sale of energy and services for its implementation.

All data centers of the company work on clean energy and last year Apple received about 93% of energy from renewable sources. The Corporation owns not only the station in Arizona with the capacity of 50 MW, 20 MW of energy on a solar farm in Nevada. Within its own campus, the company develops an additional 18 MW.

Most large it corporations investing in renewable energy. Such a move 6 years ago made by Google, which created a division of Google Energy. Like Apple, the Corporation is committed to fully switch to renewable energy sources. Amazon and Microsoft are investing in solar installations and wind turbines. At the end of 2017 Amazon will open in a Texas wind farm. More than a hundred wind turbines will generate up to 253 MW of electricity per year and will be able to provide electricity to 90 million American homes.

This trend is not surprising. According to a new report by the world energy Council, renewable energy now accounts for over 30% of total capacity of power plants and 23% of the total electricity production in the world, so renewable sources can not be considered such outsiders as before. published



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