Glowing sculptures

The future quickly becomes the present, the technological innovations succeed one another, and the aesthetic hunger remains strong. People are tired of the boring, the usual images that make up all life.

The artist with the name of magician Grimanesa Amorós, who grew up on the beautiful Peruvian nature, preserved the pristine purity of perception and the desire to see the magic even in urban aesthetics. She never forgot pearl sea foam lapping on the shore and man-made Islands of Uros built by the Indians of the cane. Amorós has devoted these memories, an installation of vinyl, translucent fabric and LEDs Uros presented at the American flagship boutique Japanese clothing brand Issey Miyake.

Glowing spheres evoke a lot of associations. Who would think that this huge soap bubbles landed softly on the floor. Or deep beacons of the sunken cities of the ancient Indians. Uros is similar to the distant moon alien solar systems, emerging in the Stardust planet. And magic orbs, which store dreams, dreams and desires. She Grimanesa calls them professionally detached – luminous sculptures.

The place for installation is also selected conceptual: futuristic clothing Japanese designer Miyake Issey extremely poetic. Issey Miyake – the scene where creativity is born and see the light known to the world of fashion images.

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