Building parasites as eco-friendly trend: flat-beehive in Bangkok

Fifty nine million seven hundred seven thousand three hundred forty two

The modern trend in architecture – buildings parasites. Their concept is quite simple – if the land remained designated for the new building, it can be hung on the existing building. These projects today are many, and their main task is the solution of the problem of densely built cities. One of these projects belongs to the Thai architects who propose to establish a flat-hives.

Thirty nine million five hundred thirty eight thousand nine hundred thirteen

Thai architects Montakan Manosong, Achawin Laohavichairat and Peerapon Karunwiwat inspired the idea of creating the apartment, which is attached to the existing building, like a hive of wild bees attached to the tree. Thus, according to the architects ' idea, to meet all the needs of the inhabitants of this apartment must be used energy waste of the building. The implementation of this project will allow to solve the problem of housing in more than dense housing in Bangkok.

Ninety seven million seven hundred forty one thousand two hundred nine

Apartment-hive is essentially a parasitic structure. Her system will take wastewater from the building to clear it and use it to generate electricity, by which they will operate.

Twenty four million nine hundred thirteen thousand one hundred six

The authors of the project believe that today in Bangkok there are many buildings that produce huge amount of waste water and various solid wastes that can be successfully processed and can be an excellent basis for the operation of apartments-hives. For example, only one skyscraper produces 30 million liters of wastewater per day. This would provide energy such futuristic structures as the home hive.

Thirty three million four hundred twenty seven thousand one hundred ninety one

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