The ChiliPad mattress with microclimate: winter warm, summer cool

Designers from the American company Chili Technology came up as comfortably survive hot summer and cold winter those who, for one reason or another cannot or do not want to get air conditioning. Their development is called a ChiliPad and represents a universal system of formation of the microclimate in a particular part of the apartment, namely, in bed.

System cooling and heating mattress, ChiliPad which this most and is built into a special case that can be put on mattresses in standard sizes like double and single. And realized this system is more than just — in case is embedded soft silicone tube medical grade, which circulates the ordinary distilled water. Cooling or warming it to a certain temperature, the device and provides a sleeping man needed at the moment for comfort.

Heating or cooling can be controlled by the buttons on the compact base where the water tank, or a remote control. The temperature range is limited to the scope of 7 to 48 degrees, but it is known that the more comfortable a person feels at 15-20 degrees. It is expected that in addition to the mattress, ChiliPad, the company will also produce duvets and pillows with adjustable microclimate.

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