Strange fruit Hisakazu Shimizu (Hisakazu Shimizu)

Japanese designer Hisakazu Shimizu (Hisakazu Shimizu) personally "brought up" is an amazing crop. Strange fruit in his performance, combined in a design project called FRUITS, is not similar to any of the known fruits. The designer has modified their form and color, turning an unusual fruit in extravagant table lamp.

A careful reader with a rich imagination will surely find in them similarities with melon, and watermelon, and peach, and orange... And even vegetables like cucumbers and eggplant there was a place in the original Japanese author. The series of lamps FRUITS created by the designer includes not only desktop, wall lamp and unusual clock in the form of watermelon.

"Taste" is an unusual fruit, of course, if not afraid of GMOs, which are certainly present in fruits such strange forms, was the author's exhibition Hisakazu Shimizu, which took place in the Netherlands, in the famous Rotterdam gallery.

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