Fancy modular furniture for creative persons

When choosing furniture, we usually pay attention to such things as functionality, appearance and comfort. But there are people who are important to things for which they have to pay their money, did not look like other – it is these extraordinary personages, and constitute the target group of buyers of designer furniture.


Recently Bulgarian designer Konstantin Achkov (Konstantin Achkov) presented before the eyes of admiring unikalu extraordinary project – a furniture set, the names of which, rather, represent the amount of modules than a single unit. The resulting constructor was successfully demonstrated at the exhibition Sofia Design Week, held from the first to the eighth of June.


The novelty is unique in that each of the elements of the set, whether it be a chair, chair, round table or stool, it is possible to disassemble and reassemble. Thus, despite the team structure, all remains quite strong: the items can carry weight up to 200 kg. In turn, due to the use of treated sheets of plywood (thickness 18 mm) as the primary production material, the resulting furniture looks practical and original.


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