Probably, all moms want their children good things. My mama is not an exception. She kvohchet on any occasion, and always gives me good advice. Some of it derives from the life (not necessarily their own), and some come up with on the fly and immediately translated into action.

At kindergarten.
 - Pavlik at you call names? Do not pay attention. It will be much pestering, tell me, I'll talk to him.
 On that day, she takes me to walk. Even going to the site, she sees a nasty Pavlik throws sand at me.
 - Lelechka! - She cries to me from afar. - What do you stand? Also throw him anything!
 Next to me is a small chair, which the teacher made for some games. I grab a chair and with all the strength I throw it in the offender. Pavlik is defeated, blood gushing from his nose.
 Mom, before reaching the ground, turns and fast step leaves kindergarten. I came to pick up older brother. My mother thought the child caregiver will not say anything.
 At school.
 My homeroom teacher taught chemistry and biology. It was a woman of the old communist tempering, believes that high school students should study issues of gender relations in the examples of the pistil and stamens.
 Because the study of male and female sexual organs, we have to learn on their own. Those who will study quietly, get good grades. Because of their natural curiosity, I asked a few questions, but few that did not get the answers I shlopotal couple in a diary.
 Talking on the phone with my mother Irina L.:
 - What do you mean? And demand? Of course, I understand that this issue should not even be interested in it ... But you will agree that an interesting question? Do not you think? And in vain ... I still ask myself this answer ... Yes, goodbye.
 Lelechka - she hangs up. - With a frightened you are interested in such things?
 I keep quiet, trying to blush.
 - Strange you have it - she continues. - In the next lesson, ask her directly why cocks come in different sizes.
 At the meeting she has since not go.

When I was accepted into the Pioneers, I had to fill out a questionnaire, which was Count (free interpretation) "The opinion of the parents." Mom honestly wrote: "I prefer to take my daughter to the pioneer organization. Anyway quickly eliminate »
 Basically, she was right.
 It was spring. My new patent leather pumps gave me a lot of inconvenience, to put it simply, rubbed. Medichka cultural sent my dick. "Needless to behave affectedly," - she said.
 Having persuaded the secretary, I called home and asked my mother to bring to school the patch. My mother told me to put a shoe in something soft.
 The most mild proved Pioneer tie.
 Exclude me on a whole-school lineup. In addition I have discussed the behavior of the boy, break the glass in the recreation on the second floor, and a pregnant girl graduate.
 Its involved in this (tie in the shoe) mother still denies.

 At the beginning of family life, we often went to visit his parents. Well, there, too lazy to cook, for example. And so with an overnight stay and get stuck. According to custom, the doors to the room were not locked.
 And, of course, the most interesting moment looks mom and looking to the side, asked:
 - Musik, anything, if I add the onion pie?
 She closes the door and away, as if to himself and for himself, says: "And if it were from above, it would be more convenient."
 Still, she loves me.

Somehow Musik pretty drunk coming home. As usually happens in such cases, he was asked to smoke some guys. With a cry, "Who are you here to send dick ?!" Musik cut off nehily lyuley. Since his condition nestoyaniya otlezhivat it in the living room, because the leather sofa is easier to wash the blood.
 Mom, asshole sensing such incidents bored by his beloved daughter, as always, nezhdanchik raided a visit.
 As I put the kettle on, Mom leaned over the son in law.
 - Musik, who are you so? - She was horrified.
 - Lelka - mutters spouse smandyachiv compassionate person.
 - For what?
 - Bread home is not bought - it is blatantly lying, otsvechivaya cut eyebrows. - She told me a hammer and zvezdanula.
 Mama, blazing with righteous anger, rushes into the kitchen, yelling:
 - Lola! How could you?! Hammer ?! According to the head ?! We had a rolling pin, - she says in a low voice, running on the catering department. - From her only bruises remain.
 And then you will have no doubt that she loves me?

PySy: When darling studied in the second grade, she complained of a boy who called him on it. Remembering my mother, I told her not to pay attention to him ...

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