The most beautiful fish

Tangerine — a fruit that is known to all and loved by many. For few, alas, know about the Mandarin fish. And they, incidentally, considered the most beautiful fish.

I called these inhabitants of the underwater world was due to the bright color, which resembles a lush clothes of the Chinese mandarins.

Habitat — Western Pacific ocean at a distance from the Islands of Rocco to Australia.


These tiny fish long 6-7 inches long remained without attention. Only in 1927 was the first to describe the gorgeous Mandarin duck — the most famous representative of the genus.

The body of these fish naked and covered in slime. The gorgeous Mandarin color is the most interesting: on a blue background with scattered orange spots and stripes, which form a very beautiful picture.

The spotted pattern is also typical for painted Mandarin, other types, though not so catchy, but also brightly colored.

Tangerines are reef inhabitants, preferring the prospect that protected lagoon and coastal reefs.

I am glad that they are very popular as aquarium fish.

Buy something easy, but to care — the process is not easy as these fish are very picky in food. Some of them can even abandon food in the aquarium conditions.

But they can not get ICH (a common disease of aquarium fish), because they are not a skin type.

So carefully ponder whether you will be able to care for this beautiful fish.

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