Everpurse: the stylish handbags for girls & charge iPhone

Has not passed also weeks from the date of the presentation of the "revolutionary" iPhone 5. Millions of allocateconnection expected this event with great anticipation than high school – summer vacation. And until someone saves money on upgrade, someone disappointed sighs (the revolution is just not enough), and the forums do not stop the Holy war about what's cooler: new from Apple and Korean competitor Samsung S3, the Chinese manufacturer has already swept in and overwhelmed Ebay with thousands of cases and "skins" for new items. As they are strong and quality time will tell. The Americans obviously offer a reliable solution: a collection of covers that not only look stylish, but also able to recharge beloved gadget anytime and anywhere.

All happy owners of iPhones know a great deal about their one significant drawback: without charging the "Apple" rarely lives longer than a day. Especially if to use them not just for calls, but for its intended purpose – actively "using" social networks, Internet and applications. Expensive phone can treacherously to die in your hands just when you need it most. What has repeatedly happened to a young American woman Elizabeth (Elizabeth Day Ormesher Salcedo).

One day her husband Elizabeth is tired of the lack of the better half. So he decided to make Liz for universal (main, portable) "charging". A young woman in this time was in search of the perfect little purse. Ideas and needs of the spouses were crossed, and thus the concept Everpurse. First for family use, and later for mass production.

Everpurse is a small and attractive handbags, more reminiscent cosmetic or clutch bag than cases for Apple products. The difference is that they can not only wear all sorts of things and loved the phone but also charge it. You just need to place the iPhone in a special pocket and hear the familiar "click", notifying that charging has begun. The creators of Everpurse even filmed the surprise potential customers (and one customer) to the moment when they showed in on a little secret trends.


Family contract the creators of Everpurse says that battery purse enough for two complete (from 0 to 100%) of charge cycles iPhone. Importantly, do not forget to recharge the case. And to the customers (especially the beautiful half of them) don't have to choose between functionality and style for design Everpurse was invited two professional fashion designer from Chicago. Handbags available in leather or textile and in different colors.

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