Amazing Singapore garden: futuristic design and modern eco-technologies

The main award of the year at the world architecture festival received the Singapore gardens –winter gardens, which became, according to experts, the largest greenhouses on the planet with a unique system of climate control. Festival Director Paul Finch stressed that the important role the jury played cutting edge design and modern eco-technologies that were used in the development of the Singapore gardens.

The Singapore gardens are two massive greenhouses in which are grown plants from the Mediterranean and areas with semi-arid and tropical climates. A series of arches supports the fragile structures of a special type of glass that optimizes lighting for the plants at the same time, on Sunny days, this glass prevents any excessively high temperature. On the roof there is also a sensor control special retractable sail. As soon as the temperature of the dome is heated to a certain temperature, the sail moves forward, creating a shadow for plants.

The system involves the use of embedded pipes in the floor with cold water that help to retain cool air masses at the earth's surface, while the hot air rises through the vents in the top of the dome. Energy for greenhouses is generated on the spot the solar power plant Supertrees, which complements the steam turbine, which heats it to other parks and gardens of Singapore.

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