Air and water - the guarantee of health

Health is the most important component of a good life and longevity. Health problems most often associated with the violation of the natural balance and laws of nature, which is the mother of all living beings. It is worth watching the animal world, and we see that always and everywhere the natural mechanisms that control vital processes to operate harmoniously.

If you think about it from the environment we consume, primarily, water and air. Their values, however, we should equally not aware. However, be aware that pure natural air sovokupnosti with clean water can greatly harmonize and improve our condition.

It would seem that there is no more available resources than air and water. However, in modern conditions and clean water, and clean air is a rarity. The reason for that, as you know, the environmental and economic model, which force the person who wants to achieve anything in society, to live in big cities. Thus, clean air the residents of megapolis available at best, at weekends outside the city, and clean water became a huge problem. Now for the good water we have to either regularly buy it (by the way, you need to make sure really good the quality of a particular brand) or to install a costly filtration system in your flat, or water softeners, in the case of a country house.

So, if we talk about air, it is possible to assert with confidence that the mere presence of fresh air, relieves depression, stress, fills the body with strength and joy. Special breathing exercises of yoga called Pranayama, the implementation of which involves unpolluted air contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system. However, you should not perform pranayama without training course for Hatha yoga).

Clean water, regularly and properly used, is able to remove toxins, smooth wrinkles, improve digestion, brain function. Remember that we are made mostly of water and be healthy.


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