Cultural center of Roberto Cantoral



Cultural center of Roberto Cantoral was designed by Broissin Architects and is located in district of Coyoacan in Mexico city, Mexico. The area of construction is 9287 sq. m., her graceful appearance instantly attracts the eye. The building is divided into five concrete roofs that are offset at the top-down, and very harmonious. They give the project not only unusual shape, but also a large number of light and space. And the inspiration to implement this appearance was caused by the movement of a conductor's baton. Straight lines cut the air and the surrounding trees play along in unison, stirring the leaves in the wind.


Given the beautiful natural setting, the architects wanted to create a traditional dark concert hall. From the first minute was firmly resolved to integrate the design into the landscape, harmoniously positioning cultural center among Mature trees. Once inside, visitors begin an amazing journey, relaxed atmosphere allows better understanding of the art, fully immersing himself in it. Guests if invited to ponder on something great, they can discover unknown up to this point, the magical world of music, finding harmony not only with the outside world, but also with their inner self.




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