How to maintain strong bones to old age

To keep bones strong into old age will help proper nutrition, exercise, and sunshine. After 30 years, the weight of the bone reaches a maximum and then begins a natural process of loss of bone mass, which takes place gradually. If bone mass will be reduced by more than one percent, there is a threat of osteoporosis. To prevent this, it is important to engage in the prevention of this disease, and do not forget to visit the rheumatologist.

Will benefit from regular exercise. Prefer team sports or running. If you like strength training, then enjoy them as they also serve as a good prevention of osteoporosis. Regarding the food, to maintain the level of calcium in the body will help you with fresh herbs. So try to use it for food as often as possible.

After 50 years, try to eat a lot of dairy products enriched with calcium. Sport throwing is not necessary, you will be very useful Finnish walking or dancing. For quick absorption of calcium you need vitamin D. If you spend in the sun at least an hour a day, the body will produce the necessary amounts of this vitamin. Mushrooms and fatty fish are also good sources of this vitamin. In the winter, when the sun is not enough, it is recommended to take this vitamin additionally.
Good building material for bones is the vitamin K. it is abundant in broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and many other green vegetables. Daily intake of this vitamin is not less than 70 grams.

After 70 years, the bones become brittle. It is for this reason that the elderly begin to move slowly and not as confident as before. Fall in the elderly is fraught with fractures. So be very attentive to the choice of shoes. To remain in good shape will help exercises and walking outdoors. It is recommended to perform exercises on coordination of movements. Also very useful water gymnastics.

For the prevention of various diseases of the skeletal tissues and ligaments are often prescribed massage treatments. Experts use folding massage tables and couches. They meet all medical standards and not take up much space in the massage room, while in the assembled state.


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