Q-Ring: to combine business with pleasure. Toothbrush and a toy for their beloved Pets

Clean the dog's teeth the same difficult and dangerous quest, as the task to wash and comb out the cat put his eye out or an ear cleaning. And while desperate dog owners call on the help of veterinarians, designer Yunfan Tan is offering to do on their own, giving the dog the opportunity to play a cunning device called the Q-Ring and at the same time to brush my teeth.

The Q-Ring in the form of a rubberized ring with a comfortable handle is both a toy and a toothbrush for dogs. Instead of forcing an animal to undergo the unpleasant procedure for cleaning of teeth and gums disinfection, it is possible to deal with him amicably, having started the exciting game with the participation of an unusual device. But first telescoping elongated handle and apply its bristles special toothpaste for dogs.

Attacking the Q-Ring, grabbing her pen-brush teeth, the dog will voluntarily procedure. It is only necessary to rapidly turn the toy to brush paste both rows of fangs, removing plaque and stimulating gums. The dog will even help succumbing to the provocation and clutching the jaw, releasing the brush from the mouth. Do not need to carry your pet to the vet — it can be managed at home, the main thing is to act boldly and cleverly.


Yet Q-Ring it's a concept. But I'm sure many breeders would not mind to get this device in hand and easy to get the quest "do your teeth a beloved pet".

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