How to entertain themselves in a public place

- In line for a medical examination in the military to organize the queue, and not to skip forward impudent
 - To come to the dean muzzled
 - Require expense at McDonalds; whistle, if you do not carry
 - On the summits of all - nameplates presidents at the empty seats in the underground set
 - To offer a columbarium surrounding smoke
 (from the stove to light)
 (a spark is not there?)
 - Loudly ask the pharmacy ointment cataract assholes
 - Stick to the mourners at the cemetery: asking for a shovel (or even a scoop) (and then broke all the nails already)
 - Ask vozlekladbischenskih attendants quickly assemble a bridal bouquet of plastic flowers at 3000 rubles (and the ceremony goes wrong)
 - Lead grandfather hung with medals at the dog show
 - With a flower in a pot put the hood and stand outside to cause rain and cry
 - To ask passers-by to smell your fingers
 - In the bus when the driver will be asked to transfer the money, just throw them in the direction of the cabin
 - To bite the stranger on the subway, in his outrage to say "I'm sorry, momentary weakness»
 - In the office, where the urine all bring, hung all containers lemon slices and insert the tube
 - For tests of feces, urine and blood in the same bank (and phlegm) (and sprinkle with seasoning)
 - Ask the old women at the front desk, where the office of euthanasia
 - You can come to the pharmacy with their tablets and to propose change
 - Bring the analyzes, wrapped in newspaper
 - Walk with apetkarem past the shelves with drugs and occasionally interested in: and this is the pin? and from this goggles?
 - In a supermarket trolley full score cheap pans, and screaming at the cashier that they slipped
 - Require a pharmacy on morphine pimples
 - To try to pay for condoms Egyptian pounds, and respond to perturbations "Tse Well I, an Egyptian»
 - Sit on the interview back to the employer
 - Accelerate and crash into the wrong truck and call the Rosgosstrakh
 - The market aggressively trying to hide in a potato and eggplant
 - You can dial any day products and put them to travel to other places (whole day can be fun)
 - On soveschenii calmly eat tomatoes
 - To remove the socks and stick in a cup colleague
 - On medical examination when the hearing check, call the number that tells the doctor, multiplied by three
 - Coming to work, change clothes shoes with his left foot to the right and demand the same from his subordinates
 - To declare to the meeting that I do not know how to plan it, but always want to eat
 - Called the Chief "production difficulties" (contingency)
 - Close to the work area to instruct a bunch of empty beer bottles and all say that the second work does not interfere with the main
 - Turn to the strange woman, "my dear old lady" and try to pat her on the head
 - Apply to all participants of the meeting is very condescending, sometimes offer to take food from the hands
 - To print a large-format portrait of a beautiful frame and hang in a prominent place (at work)
 (over other people's jobs)
 - Write an ad that need permits for new picture cycling
 - On corporate toilet hang a sign "rinse, please, at least. Signature: bottom floor »
 - Pinned to a bulletin board a piece of sausage and a description of how you found it (whose supposedly?)
 - Write ads about new employees "be careful. He steals sugar and toilet paper "signature: wisher
 - Hang ads "are kindly requested to cease to wind back the used toilet paper»
 - During a speech superiors to light the lighter and gently shake the hand (vi ze ap Champions whisper sing)
 - Introduce yourself to all the participants of the meeting "cookie-hand" and give the appropriate cards
 - Bring home a floor lamp and say that fluorescent lamps are driving you crazy
 - To draw a pentagram under the desk and mumble some time
 - To lie under the table legs sticking out and his mother that once spring cracked (and ask for the key 15)
 - Every sentence begins with the words, "as the old lady said to my ...»
 - Letters and statements begin with the phrase "God will judge ..»
 - Coffee machine write a "whites only»
 - Hang in the meeting room advertisement "earnest request: do not fart in a chair!»
 - Refer to the waitress: "Free my friend ship» © aiweins
 - Abundantly sprinkled dressing air cleaner and start flirting with secretaries

© Stepan Eryomin bugzzz, Andrew Makhonin mixedb


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