Celebrities custody

A collection of classic photographs of prisoners in the face and profile, only the role of the detainees are the famous foreign celebrities, which in turn broke the law. And violation of these stars come across very naughty. There may be some photos of celebrities arrested would surprise you. Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) - 1938 (an intimate relationship with a married woman)

Johnny Cash (Johnny Cash) - 1965 (transportation of illicit drugs).

Mick Jagger (Mick Jagger) - 1967 (illegal possession of drugs)

Steven Tyler (Steven Tyler) - 1968 (marijuana)

Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix) - 1969 (transportation of hashish and heroin)

Janis Joplin (Janis Joplin) - 1969 (hooliganism)

Jim Morrison (Jim Morrison) - 1970 (indecent behavior and the use of profanity in a public place)

Jane Fonda (Jane Fonda) - 1970 (drug trafficking, assault on a police officer)

Larry King (Larry King) - 1971 (theft)

Dennis Hopper (Dennis Hopper) - 1975 (reckless driving, which led to the accident)

David Bowie (David Bowie) - 1976 (gay sex)

Jerry Lee Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis) - 1976 (and the appearance of drunkenness in a public place with a firearm)

Bill Gates (Bill Gates)
In 1977 Gates was arrested for speeding

Woody Harrelson (Woody Harrelson) - 1982 (violation of public order)

Ozzy Osbourne (Ozzy Osbourne) - 1984 (the appearance of a drunk in a public place)

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain) - 1986 (illegal entry in a state of intoxication, vandalism)

James Brown (James Brown) - 1988 (illegal possession of weapons)

50 Cent - 1994 (trade in heroin and cocaine)

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