Chair protector from extraneous sounds

If noisy neighbors with loud music, crazy dancing and karaoke can be heart-rending to find justice in the form of swear words, or the district, with a stubborn household to cope is much harder. Especially if the noise is within the norm, and not due to a whim but a necessity. In this case, someone save earplugs or a temporary escape from the zone of discomfort, but much more pleasant alternative would be unusual acoustic chair ROSA chair by Studio KMJ.

Its original form as and name the chair shall chair ROSA rose, reaching up to the sun turning it over your head like a sunflower. The appearance of the chair is also not devoid of sense, although if you do not know will never guess that this is no accident. So, the designers argue that the stripes on the upholstery mimic the schematic symbol of the sound waves, or volume.

The special concave shape of the chair works as a shield, fencing sitting in a chair a person from outside noise and giving you the opportunity to quietly go about their business, or even a NAP. This became possible due to the fact that the chair is filled with sound-absorbing foam, and upholstery made of fabric with special impregnation, Soundproofed reinforcing effect of the filler. For convenience, ROSA chair swivels 360 degrees, as expected "a rose reaching for the sun.

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