The Installation "Bit.Fal" - when water speaks


His famous installation "Bit.Fal" by the German artist Julius Popp has already shown at various exhibitions, but it certainly caused the most feedback and discussion. The project uses the idea, which was proposed more Salvador Dali — words formed by jets of water appear in the air and disappear. This effect provides a sophisticated techno-set. First, the computer selects from the online news feeds of the most popular words. Then the signal is transmitted to the installation in the upper part of which has 128 nozzles with magnetic valves. The computer sends a signal to the installation, the valves at the right time to open and close and in the air the words appear out of the water.


The speed at which information is fed, changed and updated, makes modern society is almost inconceivable, and even more ephemeral than ever before. In the work "Bit.Fal" the artist translates this abstract process into an experience for the senses, which is a metaphor for the real information flows. A computer program scans the space of the Internet and selects the most popular words that are encoded in images formed using water. Thus, every drop of water becomes liquid "pixel" or "bit" — the smallest unit of information.


The Installation "Bit.Fal" combines two different systems of cycle — a cycle in nature (through its laws such as gravity) and the cycle of culture (via the degree of public attention, recorded statistics). Water as an amorphous environment becomes a carrier of cultural information that is only visible for a split second and then disappears again.


to suditi this installation and other works of the author will soon personally with Julius Popp. On 14 November he arrived in Moscow and will hold one lecture in the framework of the project Lexus Hybrid Art'2012. Place Providence selected the design Centre ARTPLAY. Lectures start at 20:30.

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