Spring chair-trampoline Sprung Chair

To make furniture not only useful, but also extremely pleasant, able to give people only positive emotions: a challenge put in front of the new Zealand designer Jason Klenner (Jason Klenner). And executed it, developing a comfortable chair for a fun and carefree holiday. That's the way he presents his new project, the original chair-trampoline called Sprung Chair.

Externally Sprung Chair is unpretentious, simple, compact, and mobile chair, but something about him is so special that makes people smile widely and immediately sit on the seat. And then they understand what product characteristics are subconsciously attracted their attention. The surface of the chair is decorated with an ulterior motive winding slot in the form of a spiral. Stitched with strong elastic cord, carved plastic membrane becomes soft and springy, turning the chair into a kind of hammock or trampoline.

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