Pigeon light Pigeon light by Ed Carpenter

Unusual and very nice light houses and streets was developed by the British designer ed carpenter (Ed Carpenter). The dove of peace in his interpretation was a dove of light, turned into lamp light Pigeon that can carry out both functions of a lamp and decorative lighting, to hang in the nursery or in the living room, and even to decorate the outdoor gazebo, the mansion's veranda, landscaped balcony or terrace.

Made of painted acrylic, this light-dove is very lightweight, and therefore easy and mobile. You can move it anywhere, put anywhere, and hang to anything, good, clip, on which the Pigeon light, it allows. Therefore, a dove can be used as a sconce, a table lamp, or leave it on the bedside table. Unfortunately, the lamp is connected to a power source via a cord, therefore, with him to move would be problematic. But it's nuances.

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