Fluffy upholstered furniture from the Rabbit Chair

Curious girl Alice chasing the White Rabbit, fell into a deep rabbit hole and embroiled in an amazing adventure, written books, filmed, drawn cartoons and computer games. And not less curious and resourceful Korean designer Seungji Mun inspired rabbit used in his own way, inventing and developing a nice fluffy Ottomans from the Rabbit Chair.

Residents of the post-Soviet space has long been known that rabbits — is not only valuable fur, but also a lot of useful substances and minerals, and for children cute fun toy like a kitten, the tail short, the ears long, not meows. Armed with this image of gentle pussy, which all, without exception, people associated with only pleasant associations, a young designer from Seoul has created the same fluffy Rabbit Chair seat to sit down it was nice to see, too.

The original design of upholstered furniture based on the contrast of delicate and brutal, soft and hard, warm and cold, as if a small rabbit is caught in the center of the bustling metropolis, crowded transport and hurrying about their business passers-by. Soft fluffy seat from black or white fur smooths out the coldness and hardness of metal backless, made in the form of long rabbit ears. The filler frame framework the designer chose a porous spongy material that's as soft as elastic. Project Rabbit fur Ottoman Chair designer has performed as a thesis for graduate school of design and arts, Kaywon School of Art and Design, graduating this winter.

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