Some interesting symbol of 2011

As you know, the symbol of the come in 2011 is a rabbit, the rabbit (cat). But few know that rabbits are not that cowards, as is commonly believed.

Here, in the Kronotsky tundra birds a lot. Per kilometer route along the border birch forest and tundra five goals can be seen as they jump from the day and give Leszek Strekachev me. Moonlit nights I see a hare directly outside my hut. But is the door squeak like rabbits dissolve in glowing under the night luminary tundra.

I have great respect for birds, I know that they are not cowards, as the rumor ascribes to them ...
When I was a schoolboy, my father wanted to make me a hunter. On weekends, he dragged behind a forest and fields in Bryansk. It does not come out of my hunter. And the reason for it ... Bunny. Shotgun me then on the early childhood was not necessary, and hound we did not have, so the resourceful papa in snowy time sent me to go for fresh hare's trail, and the on the hole grew, ie the place where the hare to appear, running away from me.

I remember I liked the tracks to unravel hare tricks. Leaping Bunny with maturation day, I am pursuing it and barks of a dog from time to time, to make it clear where I am. A couple of times my father killed zaychishek with my help. But in 14 years I began to grow wiser and outraged that I was a dog used in hunting. I wanted to shoot. Father did not contradict.

At the snowstorm:

Put me on the hole - a narrow isthmus between two large trees, gave a gun and ordered that the hare will run up quietly whistle. Hare stopped in surprise for a moment - then shoot. And he in the paddock as the dog went. I climbed between two windfall trees, my side is not seen. Squeezed the trigger hard tulkus, worried as not to miss the mark if oblique pop up. I hear - the father polaivaet slowly, then hare with stronul maturation. Lai closer and closer. I cocked the hammers, put the gun on a tree trunk. Look - a white rabbit to me slowly runs. Slowly the gun in his direction sent, took aim, and whistled. I was ready for that rabbit stops and I pull the trigger. But Bunny comically stretched column standing on its hind legs, broad, like skiing. White on white - perfect camouflage.


I noticed then that there is on it and black color: the tips of the ears. I slowed to a shot, at which point a large bright bird swooped headlong from some tree tops and hit the animal. Now I understand that it was a goshawk. Bird hit by a hare feet, but could not keep it in its claws. With a short distance bird I threw the hare again, but he fell on his back and hit the predator powerful hind legs, and they both rolled into the trees.

That hare becomes after the spring molt:


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