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Whether you love their Pets just like their loves Korean designer Seungji Mun? This inventor we know as the author of a surprisingly nice Ottoman Chair Rabbit in the form of fluffy bunnies — the dream of the most gentle and romantic women ranging in age from 5 to 55 years. And recently, he developed the project more serious and impressive furniture, sofa that fit advertising along with the food for cats, because these two products are designed for one target audience.

Designer sofa called Cat Tunnel Sofa will definitely appeal to not only the landlord, but his furry pet, and regardless of their age and sex, breed and color, the presence or absence of a pedigree, awards and other titles and ranks. The only thing that should have a cat to with all my heart love fancy couch, it's playful nature and curiosity, otherwise she will not appreciate the main highlight of this sofa, — a long tunnel-pipe that is integrated by the author into an experimental piece of furniture. This tunnel serves as both the support and the armrest for the couch and mink for that animal.


Given the rather wide diameter of the tunnel, you can not worry about your beloved cat-fat cat — it would be easy as to get inside the tunnel and out to the outside. However, the sofa Cat Tunnel Sofa can suit the taste of not only the cat, but miniature, the family dog like a Chihuahua or a lap dog, because some of them far removed from the stately well-fed cats weight and size. Therefore, a quiet family evening you can spend on the couch along with your beloved pet, only the owner on top, and pet — somewhere at the bottom, that can be easily identified by the rustling, snuffling, scratching, and jerky short "woof" or "meow".


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