LEGO Olympic Stadium of 100,000 designer items

More recently, the top ranks in the ranking of world news is the UK, due to the fact that London literally kicked off the 2012 Olympic Games. And this applies not only to sports but also culture. So, in the official store Olympic Games, which is John Lewis Statford, exhibited a miniature of the huge Olympic stadium in London, how to attract customers and to decorate the great hall of the shopping center.

Sculptural copy of the LEGO Olympic Stadium consists of neither more nor less, 100,000 designer items and on the creation of miniatures for the past two months working four masters. And despite the fact that the copy of the Roman Colosseum built with 200,000 Lego bricks, still holds the palm in the ranking of the most large-scale LEGO sculptures, the size, scope and detail of Olympic stadium are also impressive.

So, the unnamed authors of the project built out of LEGO exact replica of the stadium, not forgetting the slightest detail. Beating huge, like miniatures, the building, you can see crowds of fans and athletes, coaches and staff, the ubiquitous photographers and tourists that scurry around. Sculptors 'planted' on the stadium alleys and parks from the designer, set ticket and trailers with treats, souvenir stalls and fan stalls. And for all that the masters used only those sets of designer that are sold in stores and are free to access, no special details for the construction of the stadium was not required.

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