Everything is made from Lego

As a child, many dreamed to get a Lego, then it was chic.
Now, everyone is from this designer fashions, and so professional, as if all my life and did just that.
I propose to look at objects made from Lego.

1. Model aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" Lego. Its length - about 5 meters, height - 1, 2 meters.

2. This model is created from more than 200 000 units, and weighs ship - more than 160 kg. To create this model, it took more than a year.

3. On the flight deck, hangar, and inside there is lighting, and more - moving elevators, radars and motorized catapult!

4. Lego-Frigate "Nebulon B2" from "Star Wars».


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