The different world of the forest landscape

Children and dreamers and romantics, come up with your own world, where the real details easily combined with fictional. In a similar way because the British photographer and editor Matt Walford (Walford Matt): turning to the child within himself, he creates a fantastic gate to other worlds out of simple forest landscape.

"In all his works I behave the same way: first I destroy the integrity of nature in the pictures, whether landscape, flower, a green leaf or some sort of edible fruit. Then I dreamily reconstructing the natural thing and create a part or a universe in which things exist differently — not like we used to see. I think that I understand every kid: who does not know this burning desire to disassemble a complex object on the screws-nut and to understand how it works and then collect back? — In fact, reinvent — with a great love of science and the natural world.

This photo is dedicated to reconstruct a series of surrealist illustrations called "Portals" (Portals). The artist clearly can not afford just to enjoy the beauty that he sees through the lens of your camera – the landscapes, forest edges and swampy backwaters, rich colors of spring flowers and autumn leaves – his restless mind seeks ways of cooperation with it in one form or another.

As a result of this rethinking and professionalism of Matt, we have the opportunity to admire the fantastic pictures: and while they are reminiscent of the magnificent patterns of the Arabic frescoes, and in some places it is possible to count as many as eight suns at the same time, these "portals" still born from these earthly scenes.

To achieve such impressive results, the photographer uses a combination of different techniques: from digital photography and collage, and ending with the use of a modified flatbed scanner, designed for use with black and white and color halftone images. This is quite subtle and capricious instrument, one of the most important characteristics of which is the color depth or "bit depth of color", as told to the professionals. This parameter determines the ability of detail in the shadows of the fine material — that is, the transmission quality of the grayscale tones and brightness. It is clear that the editing process requires not only time consuming, but also great knowledge in this field.

One of the pictures of this series very helpful, was chosen by publishing house "Duncan Baird Publishers" as the cover for the book by Tim Frick "Mystical experience" (Tim Freke The mystery experience). This philosophical work is the result of 40 years of research different cultures and their worldviews, scientists past and present. The book contains a kaleidoscope of inspiring ideas that the author learned from quantum physics, Buddhism, Eastern practices, of the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Walt Whitman. We can say that "Mystical experience" — that's the way people of the 21st century may Express the eternal wisdom of life in a radically new and simultaneously accessible form, which complements the discoveries of modern science.

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