Eco-friendly refuge in the oil tank

Scientists promise that in the foreseeable future, world oil reserves will end. In this happy day, will empty the last tank, the smoke clears the last of the outdated power plant – and the world will celebrate the final transition to green energy sources. But what to do with the over 660 oil refineries and empty bins scattered around the world? Fortunately, to wrestle with this issue, we don't have: a decent use of them is the project "Oil Silo Home".

The Berlin architects of the "PinkCloud.DK" (Leon Lai, Nico Schlapps, Eric Tan) has developed an ecological design that will help to make around 49 thousand a gigantic tank for the storage of petroleum in a sustainable community. The first step of transformation is the process of bioremediation: first, the bins should be at the molecular level and cleaned from the remnants of fuel. For this, the inventors propose to use soil bacteria that can destroy harmful toxins of this type.

The second stage – adding to the appearance of future buildings green aesthetics: the rapidly growing segment of the vineyard and ivy will decorate spherical design, and the roof will house a small garden with trees and flowers. Plants also help clean the air and provide oxygen to the inhabitants of the "Oil Silo Home".

The third step involves equipping bins with solar panels – especially because their very form is perfect for capturing sun rays. After the installation of photovoltaic panels batteries, the housing becomes completely Autonomous from external power sources, and can even sell surplus accumulated resources of a nearby power plant.

The spherical waterproof case bins also help them to efficiently collect rainwater that will flow into a special tank under the ground. Thus water can be used by residents to any household needs (here came in very handy would be the filtration system).

Passive cooling and natural ventilation complete the technical picture, but that's not all. Designers are reminded that the field is a common natural form, the contemplation of which much healthier for the eyes and the mind of man, than a strict "square" geometry of modern buildings. In other words, the atmosphere of the "anti-stress" in these eco-friendly towns is guaranteed.

"Oil house" will be divided into several Autonomous tiers where you will be able to live like ordinary neighbors and multiple generations of one family. A Central Elevator takes passengers on any of the floors or up on the roof, and there will be a shared terrace. This will allow to maintain friendly relations with all the inhabitants of the house to come to a tea party, to celebrate holidays and anniversaries, share the latest news...

And for the Parking, too can not worry: as the house-hopper be fixed on high poles, under it free up enough space for several cars.

The idea of architects, the container of oil will be removed and transported to the desired location. The sealed bullet-proof structure of the hoppers and their solid weight, the inhabitants of the "Oil Silo Home" can not be afraid even of severe storms and tornadoes – which is especially important for the United States.

Eco-friendly shelter will be convenient in maintenance, so the maintenance costs can be considered negligible. According to the calculations of the creators, the price of residential areas close to 50 thousand dollars, making them an acceptable solution of the housing problem for families with average incomes.


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