Leap is better than Kinect

At the time, "controller without the controller" Kinect made a splash in the market of gaming consoles, becoming for several years the undisputed leader in its segment. But soon, perhaps his position will be shaken. After all, the company Leap Motion plans to launch a device called the Leap, which technical parameters and capabilities superior to its predecessor.


As we mentioned on the website Novate.Ru at a recent conference, CHI 2012, Microsoft has introduced several working concepts of devices and technologies allowing to control the computer and its capabilities without every touching. But not only the "window" work in this direction. An example of this device from Leap company, Leap Motion of San Francisco.


Leap is a small (size of iPod) device which, when connected to the computer will allow the user to control many of its features without any separate devices, without keyboards, mice, joysticks and other controllers. Moreover, the Leap will track the slightest movement of the user's hands with the precision of one hundredth (!) mm. This will allow you to use it not only at home (to manage computers and game consoles) and high-tech manufacturing and even in medicine for surgical operations, which need high-accuracy movements. In addition, plan creators, Leap can be used also in cars and street lighting systems.

As expected, the Leap device from Leap Motion will be available later in December 2012 – January 2013. Retail price of this device is only 70 dollars.

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