Creative handset for smartphone - " Bananas against radiation "

Older people that covers TV lace napkins, believe that the cactus near the monitor will help to eliminate the harmful effects coming from his radiation. They believe that mobile phone radiation is dangerous, and their conversations can listen, record, to use for selfish purposes, therefore, there are ways to protect people from all this, they need only to find and use. Well, there's this tube-banana Radiation-Proof Banana Handset knows a lot, including will protect from radiation and helps to make friends with modern touch devices.

Banana connects to the "threat" to the smartphone plays the role of the handset, while the phone itself can be kept away from the head, thereby protecting the brain from radiation. Besides those who are accustomed to the stationary analog devices to use a mobile phone with a tube will be much more familiar. Especially if you convince them, though through a tube, no one can eavesdrop on their private conversations.

"Bananas from radiation" Radiation-Proof Banana Handset manufactured by LiSi LTD, providing rich colors and a number of fun gadgets. So, you can choose up a banana any desired color, from the classic yellow to turquoise to acid. Miracle gadget can be connected to any phone where there is a 3.5 mm audio Jack, regardless of the system firmware and year of manufacture of the apparatus. And if for the elderly this "fruit" will be "salvation" from the radiation and disease, modern advanced gadgetman will perceive this creative handset Radiation-Proof Banana Handset as another original joke, a toy that wants to acquire. The cost of the tube-banana of any color is about 22 dollars.

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