How to take a bath

Outside the window — grey skies, cold damp, but at home you can drink tea, lie down under a blanket and feel that with weather like that, depression is not far off... to cheer yourself up, you need to take a bath. And from this you get the maximum pleasure and benefit, here are a few simple rules and tips on how to take a bath. Remember: the colder water (water temperature up to 35 ºc) increases the overall tone, and slightly warmer (37-38 ºc) conversely relaxes the body. During the bath the heart area should be above the water surface.
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Make a sugar body scrub, it is only then that all aromatic oils, mineral salts and supplements is better absorbed into the skin and body. Do not take bath immediately after you ate. The optimal time for the bath is 15-20 minutes. If you love to soak in the bath — use something special. For example, aromacomposition: they not only have SPA-like effect, but also beneficial to the skin — soften, moisturize, improve its firmness and elasticity. Also very useful is the addition of essential oils into the water (6-8 drops): contacting the surface of the body, they are rapidly absorbed into the skin and a positive effect on the lungs, intestines, kidneys, and nervous system.
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To oil is well dissolved in water, add sea salt, which, incidentally, also has medicinal properties. First, salt many trace elements necessary for normal functioning of all organs, and secondly, bath with sea salt cleanses, tones and smoothes the skin. Note that taking a bath is better in warm room. And to get this treatment even more fun, dial into the bath water, add your favorite flavor, turn on some soft music and soak in water.
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And after a bath overnites in a towel, then put on a warm robe, drink some herbal tea with honey and enjoy your life.

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