Miniature camera

People always want to capture the most important events in life. Was first invented the art of drawing. Painters could capture anything on the canvas using paint or pencils.

The next step was the camera. In 1820 Joseph Nicephore Niepce discovered the first method to save the resulting image. And in 1975, invented digital camera.

Now the camera everywhere and everyone. On phones, web cameras, laptops, iPhones, smartphones, etc.

Today created the invention of designer Forrest Radford is a miniature camera. The concept of the work lies in its compactness and simplicity, it is because she is so easy to use!

In this camera there is no button. "And by what is management?", again no buttons, it must be the sensor. Each team is inherent in the movement, responds to the sensor.

The invention includes: an 8-mega pixel camera, 4 GB memory, USB cord, LCD screen, LED flash and rotary switch. The camera is covered with a white polycarbonate and soft ABS plastic. Available colors – black and white.

The compactness of the camera has little effect on its relevance, because the photo good quality you can only get from a professional camera.


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