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The idea of aerial photography is not new. Society spends photographing of the terrain from a height of several tens of kilometers almost from the beginning of the era of Aeronautics.

Forty four million four hundred sixty nine thousand thirty six

And in "heaven" pavilion camera, designed by Jano Young, of course, there is something from the camera. Space the beauty of the design of this thing is amazing. The device looked like a star... or a whimsical flower. Petals on the legs of the camera to hold it on the surface of the ceiling, wall or on a bracket of the door frame. And the camera lens, like the "eye" camera "sees" the objects of shooting down.

While all the information concerning the invention, details are not submitted, the technical data are also fragmentary and not complete. It is only known that the unusual camera can take pictures with a relatively large height, while in the air. As well as new works perfectly under normal conditions, and for shooting it enough to fix on any surface.

Forty two million two hundred sixty two thousand seven hundred sixty five

Usually people like their photos taken from above, as if in the "aerial photography", so maybe very soon the concept of this fascinating invention, see the light. Whether it will be mysterious, like the sky the camera? Let's wait and see.
Camera Sky View is a member of the International forum design talents 2012.

Ninety one million eight hundred twenty seven thousand nine hundred forty

Fifty two million four hundred thirty seven thousand nine hundred five

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