Phone, camera and tablet concept Claudia Copersito

Conceptual monster called The Wallet, multifunctional gadget-champion, combining phone, camera and tablet, came up with designer Claudia Copersito (Claudia Copersito) from Italy. The Wallet consists of three panels that operate separately, each fulfilling its function, and as a whole, turning into a tablet, e-book or a mini-cinema.

Lightweight and compact when folded, The Wallet easily fits in a pocket, for which he dubbed the "Wallet". The body of the gadget is made of the innovative material of Technogel, know-how applications, which allows him countless times to fold and unfold, without coming thus into disrepair by the end of the first month of intensive work. And it will work almost around the clock, because if you used that in such a small device hidden everything you need, and most importantly, mobile devices, which are necessary for work and for entertainment, to part with him, certainly will not want.

Multifunctional concept boasts a compact size and three touch screens. The gadget is equipped with powerful 12-megapixel camera with an impressive 16-fold zoom that can shoot videos with Full HD resolution, custom flash, outputs for headset and microphone and high speed USB ports. Charging the device from a computer via this USB port.

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